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Meet Cashew!

Hello there! It's Cashew speaking!

I'm a mix of Flame Point, and my mom says I'm a one-of-a-kind cat. That might be because I have the unique ability to purr and growl simultaneously. I often hear stories about her previous Flame Point, so I feel a responsibility to live up to those expectations, but I put in a lot of effort to keep her entertained.

I belong to the Siamese family, and here are some interesting facts about Flame Points:

  • When we're born, we're completely white and gradually develop a lovely cream color over the years.

  • All of us have blue eyes, and many of us have a slight cross-eyed appearance.

  • The majority of Flame Points are male.

  • We are quite vocal and express ourselves a lot. Instead of a typical "meow," we often make chirping sounds. (I have full conversations with mom throughout the day.)

  • We are highly intelligent and require plenty of attention and mental stimulation. (I can't stand being bored, so mom keeps me occupied with her iPad, treat puzzles, and wiggle sticks.)

  • If you're looking to buy one, be prepared to spend up to $800.

I absolutely adore riding in the car, going for walks on a leash, and even hiking while nestled in my mom's backpack. I follow her wherever she goes and love keeping her company while she's busy around the house. I especially like to play with hardware when she's assembling furniture.

Unlike most Flame Points, though, I tend to be a bit reserved with strangers, and my mom describes me as "temperamental." However, I make it up to her by giving her my special "Cashew kisses" as an apology when I'm in a bad mood.

If you happen to see me out and about in my stroller or backpack, feel free to say hello. I might not pay much attention, but who knows, you might catch me on a good day!

Yours sincerely,



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