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Meet Pecan

I am a delightful calico mix, infused with some Norwegian Forest cat characteristics for an extra

touch of charm. As the resident lap cat, I exude a generally serene and laid-back demeanor, as opposed to my rambunctious counterpart, Cashew, who keeps Mom on her toes.

My sister and I share a harmonious relationship, although she tends to initiate playful scuffles between us. I boast an incredibly soft and fluffy coat, and Mom quite often buries her face in my belly!

One of my favorite pastimes is joining Cashew for car rides, and I absolutely relish hiking adventures with our mom. I excel at sticking to the trail during our explorations, though I do occasionally put up a small protest when it's time to head back to the car.

Unlike my sister, I'm not too fond of "people" food or indulging in treats. Our personalities differ in many ways, but they say opposites attract, and our mom adores us for the diverse individuals we are.

Our mom is currently going through a tough time after losing her best friend, which has understandably affected our online presence. Once she's feeling better, we'll resume sharing our thrilling escapades. Until then, please show your support by liking, following, and bookmarking our page on Facebook!


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