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Meet the Nut-in-Chief

I've always had an affinity for travel, photography, and animals. Now, I'm blending all three passions together!

Some of my most cherished memories revolve around embarking on trips with my father, who shared my enthusiasm for driving and exploring our nation. (I'll be featuring blogs about him in the future!) We seldom traveled with concrete plans, rarely making hotel reservations, and I relished the feeling of uncertainty about where I would end up by day's end. I guess you could say I inherited my father's adventurous spirit.

Professionally, I have experience in arts management, business communications, and teaching. As the sole remaining member of my family, Cashew, Pecan, and Flicka fill a significant void in my life. While not everyone appreciates the term "fur babies," I must admit that they demand a considerable amount of care, finances, patience, and time—much like their human counterparts.

There are few things I wouldn't consider doing, with the exception of bungee jumping and activities involving free-falling - although the jury is still out about sky diving. Deep down, I'm still a child, and I seize every opportunity to ride carousels or visit water parks. However, you'll also find me attending symphony concerts and ballet performances. To say that my interests are diverse would be an understatement.

I work and commute extensively. Consequently, my adventures serve as a means of escape and a way to clear my mind. In my spare time, I volunteer and occasionally indulge in kayaking and hiking.

I'm eagerly anticipating the opportunity to share photos, stories, updates on my fur babies, and reviews of destinations, restaurants, and fascinating places to explore—particularly within New England. Although I've traveled the world, my heart will always reside here, where I have access to mountains, the ocean, bustling cities, quaint towns, and cultural events.

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