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Many individuals have complimented me on my storytelling abilities and suggested that I should write a book. While a book may be in my future, for now, I have decided to embark on a more modest endeavor—a blog.

Welcome to the inaugural blog post of this website, which promises to be an intriguing adventure filled with travel tales, location evaluations, photographs of New England (and beyond), some historical information, and helpful advice on traveling with pets.

As you may have gathered, my feline companions, Pecan and Cashew, are seasoned travelers, and soon we will be joined by an adorable canine pup. Along our adventures, you will also have the pleasure of meeting my dear friend, Cindy, who despite living 13 hours away, often finds herself being convinced to join me on various escapades.

While the cats are quite active and enthusiastic about traveling, not all of our ventures are suitable for pet companionship. Therefore, I will also be sharing personal travel experiences through blogging and vlogging.

Please take note of the form on my website, where you can inform me about places you would like to explore, ask questions directed towards me, the cats, or the pup, and provide suggestions for future blog posts. My goal is to foster a vibrant community here, and I will undoubtedly need your assistance to achieve that.

Lastly, remember to follow us on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with our latest adventures.

Thanks for being here!

Crystal, Pecan, Cashew, & Flicka


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Louise Sisley
Louise Sisley
Jul 30, 2023

This is wonderful! I also have a blog. It's on Word Press. Put random thoughts and book reviews on it. Here's the address: The is a spot to subscribe if you desire. I get behind a lot so it's not exactly up to date right now. It's called "Diary of a Mad Woman - Thoughts on the Golden Years. Hope you enjoy it and subscribe. Love yours. Keep on posting!

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